Dr. Jisu Kim completed both his undergraduate and graduate education at New York University. He is a graduate of the prestigious 7-year accelerated BA/DDS program at NYU, where he obtained both his B.A. in Biology and his D.D.S dental degree. Upon graduation from NYU College of Dentistry, He moved back to Korea, obtained Korean dentist license and served as a dental officer in Korean military. While he was practicing in Korea where has the highest rate of dental implants per capita in the world, he took numerous implant training courses and placed over thousands implants. Dr. Kim has become very experienced in implant dentistry, including sinus graft, guided bone regeneration, minimally invasive flapless surgery and full-mouth rehabilitation.

His interest also led him to receive a specialist certificate in Advanced General Dentistry in Korea. Being educated in Korea and America, receiving dental licenses from both countries, Dr. Kim has the unique advantage of analyzing a dental case using experiences learned from both worlds.

김지수 치과의사/전문의 


서울대학교 치과대학 치의학연수원 임플란트  

뉴욕대학교 치과대학 BA/DDS 7년제 통합치대프로그램 

뉴욕대학교 자연과학대학 생물학 학사

뉴욕대학교 치과대학 치무석사


대한민국 보건복지부 인증 통합치의학과 전문의

대한민국 보건복지부 인증 치과의사 면허 

미국 하와이주 면허


IPI advanced mucogingival surgery 과정 수료

ATC advanced implantology 수료

ATC advanced aesthetic dentistry 수료

Dentium advanced Implantology 수료

  다수 치주수술및 임플란트 과정 수료


()대한민국 보건복지부 공중보건치과의사

()구례군 보건소 치과과장

()아름다운치과 임플란트 수술파트 과장

()프라임치과 임플란트 수술파트 과장

()알로하스마일치과 Associate 


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